Summertime Is Gone

Well, I thought I would get to go to the beach this Summer, but that never happened. Matter of fact, It has been awhile since I have had fresh shrimp with fresh sea air.
Around these parts, a lot of locals hit the South Carolina island of Hilton Head. Hilton Head is “golfers’ paradise”. I have never played the sport myself, but I have seen many friends whack a ball for fun. I swat flies, mostly…
Anyway, I don’t know if you have checked out the golf stuff here lately?, but we all know the site very well. I have you covered. Many folks are clearing out their stores to make room for next Summer.

I can hear the seagulls now…

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Happy! Happy! Happy!


Sorry guys for not posting any awesome events or things going on in the CSRA lately, but due to a serious health matter, I have not been up to writing much. Please forgive me.

A litttle over a year ago I had surgery on my right leg to correct vasvular disease. Well after four surgeries (two in the same week) the surgical wound would not heal! I spent 6 months sleeping in my desk chair, for I could not lay flat because the blood needed gravity to reach my foot and calf. The pain was unbearable. I spent 19 sessions in a hyperbaric chamber to infuse my whole body with oxygen. Each session lasted two hours. On the final and 20th session, I chose that was enough.

The pain in my leg is the most painful ordeal that I have ever been through physically. Now I have a prostetic leg and it does the job, but your first leg is just that, like a new first guitar. It has a learning curve. I bust my butt many times.

Happy! Happy! Happy! I am. This little setback is not going to keep me down for long. I appreciate all my readers so bookmark this page at it’s domain name:

So be happy and look forward to a new day. One never knows what life has in store for them. Enjoy life and let the sun shine in your heart, then you too will be

Till next time

Google Music

Today is a good day for Google. The search giant unveiled its very own music service.
Anyone can upload their fave tunes and have them stream right to you on command!  Tunes will also sell for only 99 cents!

Google has always been ahead of the trend, and I have been right there with these fine folks.

Rock On Google Music.
Go Here For more info:
Google Music

Black Friday For Casual Dining

Today is dubbed “Black Friday for Casual Dining”.
Many restaurants across the nation are offering free or discounted lunches, dinners, and other specials.
I salute the idea because it is a way to give back to those who proudly served in the armed forces.
So, if you know a veteran, or you are a veteran, get out there… treat a vet to dinner and join the celebration.
The larger chains are offering some great specials, just search here your fave!

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PS:Veterans Day restaurant business is the busiest of the year!